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하나님은 기적을 행하는 자를 찾으십니다
지금 신청하세요 - 엄청난 혜택!
위대한 보스!

Be Advised: This website contains real photos of the Holy Stigmata of Tiffany Snow

Do you want to save the world? So does God! 

You are on earth for a reason.

We ALL have Divine Gifts and a Personal Mission. 

Do Not be Afraid. Love Wins! And YOU are part of that LOVE.

"I am just a signpost pointing to the Love of God beyond limits."
- Blessed Tiffany Snow


Listen to Your Heart, You Have a Mission! 

This website exists to help each of us be a place of faith and fearlessness that God can utilize to ease the suffering of others.

Christ-based information shared from the contemporary 
Holy Stigmata of Tiffany Snow.
Image by Ben White

"Like a Free Buffet to feed the Soul."


세계가 아마겟돈을 통해 이동함에 따라,

두려워 하지마.

다가올 일에 대한 희망을 가져라,

사랑이 이긴다!

See you in the work!

Let His Hands be Yours for miracles.

God is recruiting!

Seeing the Invisible
But how do we even know that God exists?
For one thing, he moves the leaves. What does this mean?
God knows it’s difficult for us because he is invisible.
We can’t see him. But microwaves, radio waves, gravity, the wind – all these are invisible too, yet we know they are there. How? By the things they do. We know the wind exists because it moves the leaves on the trees, and that helps us to know it is there, and believe in what is invisible.
This is why God has used physical signs and wonders all throughout time in every culture in every part of the world. Supernatural events to show that he not only exists but desires to participate in our lives, and has the power to help, because he cares for us and loves us. 
Healing miracles and prophecies are some of these ways!

Blessed Tiffany Snow & Fr. Billy Clark
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