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The Information & Healing Ministry of Blessed Tiffany and Fr. Billy Clark is run by prayers, a day job, odd jobs and the additional love of those able to gift us when they can. If you are able, help us help others! 

 A Recurring Monthly Donation of Any Amount

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"Help us touch more hearts and together we can share what God has asked of us all - to love God and our neighbor as ourselves, by offering our hands as His Hands, our words His Words, we can stand together side by side together during this difficult time. May God’s Name be Magnified and Glorified! God Bless You in Jesus name, Amen! Thank You!"

- Blessed Tiffany & Fr. Billy Clark

How We Spend Our Time:

Blessed Tiffany spends all her time busy in this Holy work. With prayer and multiple fasting times, Blessed Tiffany always has an ear to the heavens and one to the earth, bridging the gap by asking God the questions humanity is currently asking. All of this is then shared in books and articles, writing and creating videos, doing interviews, updating websites, Facebook and social media. At night she is doing the prayer work for distant healings, and during the day prayers for others in the ministry and specific world events. When led, spontaneous "Pop-Up" healing events and hospital visits occur. She balances her spiritual work by physical grounding with carpentry on their fixer-upper home, writes songs and plays guitar, being outside, gardening and playing with their many kitties.

For Fr. Billy to continue to work openly as a married priest (ordained in the Old Holy Catholic Church) and to speak freely of ALL that is shared through the Holy Stigmata of Blessed Tiffany, we are not financially supported by any church or organization This allows us to speak freely without restriction about everything God has shared for ALL of His children, no matter where they are on their path. We only wish to follow the Will of God in making it available for everyone. As such, Fr. Billy has a day job just like anyone else, and also provides local rites for funerals and other clerical services as they are presented and as he is led.


Although we live simply, we are still living in a human world of paying the bills, as I'm sure you are too! You can help

us maintain our daily needs and the finances needed for maintaining the websites while helping us help others. Many are suffering and feel helpless about what is going on in the world, and their stress and confusion is growing. Sharing the spiritual information helps ease the suffering of mankind through this time of world shift through the waves of Armageddon, and through it into the perfect Kingdom of God on earth (Matthew 6:9,10). The prayer sessions, spiritual training, healing and information helps bring more workers into the field, and gives peace, joy and hope for so many who need to remember who they are, and how loved they are. There is a lot to be done! 


Become Ordained! Join Us in the Work!

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