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God Wants to Do Miracles! 

Are You Willing to be His Hands?



How to Make Real Miracles with God in 7 Steps 

Activate your hands to be His Hands for Good in the world! 


Miracles are real and from a gracious, powerful and real God.

They are always for a purpose!


(1). No ego can come into it. This is not about what you can do - it is about what God chooses to do. You are an opportunity for God's love to manifest change in the world to help ease suffering. It's His power, and His Hands. Will you let His Hands be your hands? 

(2). Connection in Prayer. Communication is key. Going beyond yourself, not to a "higher self," but to the One who created us with the quantum connection already in place. God always hears us!

(3). Compassion. The biggest compassion is stimulated when you are trying to help others.

(4). Faith. It takes big faith to be vulnerable and believe in what and Whom can't be seen. Faith can't be taught or given to another but it can be practiced and strengthened.

(5). Fearlessness. Practicing your belief in miracles around people helps and rely on God's power instead of your own.

(6). Spiritual knowledge is important because you must have confidence in the one you are working for! Have all your questions about God answered so there are no hiccups in knowing that he is real, loving, and what his plans have been and are currently for the earth and its inhabitants.


(7). Ordination (male or female, baptized) through the line of Apostolic Succession is vital for the greater work because it gives you the added protection and hands-on Divine Blessing you need for the expanded ministry. Ordination also gives us a much heavier armor to thwart negative supernatural attacks, since the unHoly Angels try to stop God's Love from being shown on earth. But we Do Not Need to Fear, and love always wins - and you are part of that Love! Choose to have an exceptional life and fulfill your mission, it will bless you and everyone around you!

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