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Pink Sugar

Hi! I'm Blessed Tiffany, 
and I Have Information for You.


"Worker for The Big Guy"

Holy Stigmata, Miracle Healing

& Ongoing Prophecy 


"Heal my children, help them remember who they are, and who I Am..." - God at Tiffany's NDE


"I'm Blessed Tiffany and I have information for you!"

Modern Christian Mystic, Miracle Healer, Spiritual Teacher. Tiffany Snow experienced the wounds of the Holy Stigmata 2005-2009 and three NDEs. She shares answers from God that humanity is currently asking, to help each of us remember who we are, and who He is too. 


Tiffany Snow believes without a doubt in the reality of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. She had intuitively believed as a child that God existed, but she first met them in person when she died by a lightning strike at a horse ranch in Tennessee in 1999.


While she was dead, Blessed Tiffany came before the Prescence of God and Jesus. During the near-death experience (NDE) she was given information, a mission and answers. Gone were the strict ideas she had been taught to believe. Some of which were: (1). that God was a strict disciplinarian who belonged to only one religion, (2). and that God had stopped talking to humanity or doing miracles once the Bible was completed.


As her spiritual journey continued, all five wounds of Christ (The Holy Stigmata) opened spontaneously for 3-9 days every month from 2005-2009. During this time the already-blessed prayers called The Divine Decrees were given, and much supernatural information shared. Nothing can shake her faith in the reality of "a Loving God who has a future and a plan for each one of us."


We are now living during a time of shift foretold for centuries. The world is riding the waves that culminate in God's Kingdom coming back on earth, a prophecy given at the fall of mankind. It is a stressful time, with many people fearful of the future and what Armageddon is. As this world shift occurs Blessed Tiffany has come back to the world stage to share God's information and prophecies. To help people heal and use their gifts, learn how to listen and follow God directly, and how to navigate these times successfully. 


"Do Not Be Afraid of the things that are coming, Love Wins! Let your hands be His Hands, now and in the bright future. We all have gifts and a mission. God is real and wants to be with you on this journey.” - Blessed Tiffany Snow

Image by Tim Mossholder
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