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7 Ways to Recognize Someone Who Knows Spiritual Truth

If you see the biggest active quality of God as love, it is much easier to discern the difference between right and wrong, light and darkness, and truth from manipulation. These 7 tools help the thinking brain shake hands with the spiritual mind. When you are listening to a person or reading the information they share, there are a few things you might want to consider to help your discernment:

(1). They Do Not Raise Themselves Above Others. Even if placed in a position of authority, they consider themselves servants. They use their resources to help others in need, not to live expensive lifestyles. Their friends include the poor, neglected and marginalized, and do not regard color, religion, culture, sex, etc. as stumbling blocks. They are humble in what they say or do. Even in the midst of their own struggles and any attacks against them, they do not seek to harm, but continue to live a life of self sacrifice for their families and friends - and they consider all of humanity their family and friends.

(2). It’s Not About Them. If they are healing, they say God is the healer, not them. Whatever Divine Gift they have, they use it to help others and reflect all praise back to God for it. Never do they claim glory for themselves or say that it came from their own energy, a nameless higher energy or their own intelligence or power. It’s always about the awareness of the connection with the One beyond them, which they do not hoard as theirs only - but that all are encouraged to share in.

(3). God Himself Works with Them. The Love of God can be clearly seen in the fruits produced. The Holy Spirit is evident, and can be clearly seen by those things beyond human capacity or ability to do. This can include miracles of all kinds. This can include inspired information. This can include the Holy Stigmata or other supernatural events. This includes continuing to love and forgive while being persecuted or even killed. They know that God continues to connect with people today, and that he desires to work with and through his children, their hands, words and hearts as His Hands, His Words, and His Heart. God magnifies his love as they reflect him, and he blesses it.

(4). They Recognize Christ Opened the Door for All - Beyond Religion. In their effort to share the spiritual awareness within themselves, they do not seek to control what path God’s children are on, but to encourage forward movement towards him. God and his first-begotten were here before religion, and through sacrifice the way for All of his children to be on his lap again. Darkness has no power over us anymore. Those who know the heart of God would never try to stop or redirect this calling - even if it may not be of the tradition they themselves were brought up in or taught to believe. If it is of love, it is of God, and it’s for you. “Beloved friends, let us love one another; because love is from God; and everyone who loves has God as his Father and knows God.” (1 John 4:7 CJB)

(5). They Have Faith in their Hearts and Hope on their Lips. They have to tell others about the good things they know and have experienced. The joy within their spirit bubbles out and they have to share - they are driven. Especially when they see others suffering and depressed, they don’t hold back from trying to help, no matter what that entails. They seek to encourage all and know that no matter what happens, God has got each of them. They believe that darkness cannot overcome the light. They know that even though times are difficult, Love wins. They don’t let the fear of what others might think distract them from their own work or let others extinguish their flame. They know whether in the body or out of it, none of us are ever separate from the love of God.

(6). They Know They Are Imperfect but Forgiven. They believe in promises, they believe in prayer, and they know they are heard. They are also very aware of their imperfections but they do not become stumbled by them - they believe in the love of God over their own self-judgment. They choose to re-focus on the mercy of forgiveness when their mind wanders to unworthiness. And in this same way, they choose to let go of hurts inflicted by others and past poor choices they themselves made, and send love and forgiveness back to those times, situations and events. In this way, they allow their minds to be re-made each day in the peace of mind of God. They allow themselves to walk forward knowing they might stumble, but also knowing they will have the strength and help to get back up again. And then they fly.

(7). Their Experience May Be Different than Yours. But they don’t judge other people, they love them. They reflect the example of Jesus in meeting people where they are at on their journey, offering opportunity for additional spiritual growth, but knowing the final connection will ultimately be between God and the person themselves, always. This also means they do not lessen or negate their own personal experiences because they are different “from the norm.” They don’t base their spiritual journey upon the ability of it to be proven scientifically, or to be “approved” by the culture, country or religious paths around them.

I hope this article will give each of you additional tools to discern the qualities of a person choosing to reflect the spiritual truths of Love, and those manipulating minds for their own purposes. We are all on different places in our journey and should not be quick to negate our own experiences or give our power away because it is different from someone else’s, whether it is an NDE, visions, dream, religious experience, etc. You intrinsically know Love and how it feels. We were created with that ability inside us, that God-spot within resonates with truth. When we are near it, it lifts us up, it doesn’t smash us down. May you have renewed love and joy daily, and know how important and loved you are - no matter what others might think. God is Love, and You are part of that Love. Let your light reflect that love, and you will shine! END 2024 (C)Tiffany Snow

About the Author: "I'm Blessed Tiffany and I have information for you!" Tiffany Snow experienced the wounds of the Holy Stigmata 2005-2009 and three NDEs. Modern Christian Mystic, Miracle Healer, Spiritual Teacher. She shares answers from God that humanity is currently asking, to help each of us remember who we are, and who He is too. Blessed Tiffany and her husband Fr. Billy Clark are not financially supported by any church or organization. This allows them to speak freely without restriction about everything God has shared for ALL of His children, no matter where they are on their path. Free Distant Healing Prayer, Articles and Videos with unique information for our times. God Info. |


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