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Mass Starvation - How to Ease the Suffering

Updated: Mar 26

In these horrific times of food crisis and mass starvation in so many parts of the world, many of us feel the need to do more to help ease the pain. Yet, because of financial or other constraints, we often can’t do the amount our hearts are compelling us to do.

What else can be done? What sustains people the most in the midst of terrible situations, whatever they may be? Time and time again we read the news and hear the stories. What is the word that always comes up? Hope. Hope that people have of being with their families again. Hope that future times will be better than this, and they will be living happy lives and sharing new experiences together with their loved ones. Hope for the future. Hope helps people survive.

Hope Helps Us Survive

With hope, we are strengthened in the midst of overwhelming odds. Hope is a spiritual thing - it can’t be physically eaten, yet it measurably sustains the mind, body and spirit to help people survive much longer and keep their mental health better than those without any hope. God knows this - hope for the future is one of the great promises in the scriptures. “For I know the plans I have for you”- this is the Lord’s declaration - “plans for your well-being, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11 CSB) Today, we live at a time of mass starvation in a spiritual way too, and it is happening right where you live and throughout all countries of the world. This is where you can help millions of people who are suffering, confused and scared, and offer hope to the hopeless. But you can only give what you have received. Do you have hope? If so, are you able to help? Will you? How?

A Modern Parable

Please take this simple, modern parable as a possible example: the young woman Celine browsing in the shopping center was now healthy, happy and strong. But it hadn’t been that long ago that her energy was always low, she was depressed and sullen, and life just seemed to go from bad to worse. She didn’t feel she could really help her loved ones or was very good at anything. Her work had seemed pointless and the future bleak and joyless. Something had felt “off” for years, and she had tried a variety of things to make herself feel better, but nothing had worked for long.

Now as she looked around the store at others, she recognized the same lackluster eyes and skin, and their rawness and irritation about everything. People in pain and suffering. This used to be her. With a kind smile, Celine remembers when she was in pain and offers a stranger the same nutritional advice previously given to her - that she had been eating all wrong, and tells of the very special multivitamin she found and the new choices she is making about food and nutrition. Some will refuse and scoff - but others will be very grateful as they pay attention to the information and add the supplement to their own daily regimen and gain optimal health too.

As for Celine, because a stranger had recognized the symptoms and spoken to her, she discovered she had been battling a major vitamin deficiency all her life. It had been so simple! For years she had ignored what was in her food, and mostly ate what everyone around her ate, including grabbing cheap take-out food when she was the hungriest. She told herself she was too busy to think about proper nutrition right now, she had too much work to do. And because of that, she also kept ignoring dinner invitations from friends and family who were worried about her.

Like many people, she had discounted a need for vitamins for years, there was always so much controversy about them, and she knew some manufacturers used bad ingredients and were just in it for the money. So, like many people, she had decided not to use any supplements at all, or maybe once or twice a year when holidays helped her remember to. And that kind of lifestyle had taken its toll - but now with proper nutrition Celine’s health was better than she had ever hoped for, and she awakened each day with a spring in her step and joy in her heart. Even though she is mindful of how she used to feel and the pain she needlessly suffered for so many years, she makes a point to share with others what she now knows.

A Kind Stranger

Celine will always be grateful to that kind stranger for talking to her and sharing the good news. It had changed her life and given her hope for her future. And the supplement? It is from a reputable company that has been around for years, is owned by a multibillionaire and his son, and they give all their products out for free! They DO have a simple request though for those who recognize the value of their services - to share the name of their company and information with others who are also suffering.

“Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Matthew 9:35-38)

If you are experiencing the joy of spiritual life and have found hope, may you be one of those brave enough to share the information and love and that has been shared with you. Cut and paste, share articles and videos, talk to people wherever you are, and share with people on whatever part of their journey you find them. There are so many people who are in pain and see no future for themselves or their loved ones, especially now during these waves of world shift as God’s Kingdom approaches. The promises and hope that God offers includes everything we need, even physical miracles of all kinds, to ease the suffering of humanity and the earth. You don’t have to know it all - just pass on the good things you know that have touched your heart. Help every soul have the opportunity to be fed spiritually in this time of mass starvation, so even in the midst of anguish, they may have hope and feel the love.

How is Your Nutrition?

As for those experiencing spiritual pain, may you be brave enough to let go of any fearful ideas and empty meals that are limiting or hurting you, and allow yourself to receive love and become well fed and strong. Then you can help others as well. There is no need for any of us to live a life suffering from deficiencies. There are meal choices before each of us, and we need to be able to recognize what is healthy for us or not. Can you discern what is made by fear versus what is made of love? If the table we are sitting at is serving empty nutrition poisoned by condemnation, judgment and punishment, we will suffer. If it’s not of love, it’s not of God and it’s not for you.

Learning who the cook is, the generosity of the portions, the food purity and process of “farm to table” will help. Also look at the health and happiness rating of those who eat at their establishment. These who regularly feast at God’s banquet will be signposts of love and compassion, as Jesus encourages “…Love one another. Just as I have loved you, you are also to love one another.” (John 13:34) God’s spiritual banquet has perfectly prepared dishes and are always seasoned well and very tasty! And all of us are invited to sit down at the family table and eat at any time, and at no cost because the bill has already been paid. “Taste and see that the Lord is good. How happy is the person who takes refuge in him!” (Psalm 34:8 CSB) “Then he said to them, “Go and eat what is rich, drink what is sweet, and send portions to those who have nothing prepared...” (Nehemiah 8:10 CSB)

You Can Help Without Any Restraints

Now you know what to do to help others who are battling starvation. Are you ready to help them by multiplying physical food too? Read this article "How to Multiply Food - The Miracle of Plenty" to help even more. Help people in every way you can, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The suffering is worldwide, and your ability to help others truly goes beyond financial constraints and borders. It is only limited by your own desire to share what has made you happy - what you yourself have tasted from eating at God’s banquet of love and hope. You can choose to be a beacon and help lessen mass starvation in the world. “Love…always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” (1 Corinthians 13:7,8) Stay faithful, stay fearless, and share the love. END 2024 (C)Tiffany Snow

About the Author: "I'm Blessed Tiffany and I have information for you!" Tiffany Snow experienced the wounds of the Holy Stigmata 2005-2009 and three NDEs. Modern Christian Mystic, Miracle Healer, Spiritual Teacher. She shares answers from God that humanity is currently asking, to help each of us remember who we are, and who He is too. Blessed Tiffany and her husband Fr. Billy Clark are not financially supported by any church or organization. This allows them to speak freely without restriction about everything God has shared for ALL of His children, no matter where they are on their path. Free Distant Healing Prayer, Articles and Videos with unique information for our times. God Info. |

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