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A Wild Dandelion Thrown Out of Church

Spring is my favorite time of year! The contentment of the new speckled fawns nuzzling their doe-eyed mothers, the morning choir of feathered songsters building their nests. And those flowers! I love them so! Hope blossoming in dabs of color, petals turning upwards to heaven, as if even the smallest flower wants to praise God. I drink it all in until my cup overflows, my spirit bursting past my skin in gratitude and joy.

Be the wild dandelion God planted you to be!

Would I Be a Lilac or Dandelion?

Today on my walk in nature, in this church that God himself built by hand, I asked myself the question, if I could be a flower, what flower would I be? There are so many, and I appreciate them all! Yet I do have a favorite flower - the purple lilac. The scent touches my spirit and lifts my soul! And the unity of each stem’s tiny flowers growing at different stages into one large gorgeous flower is so inspiring. If I could, I would pull up a chair and sit next to a lilac bush day and night all through its blossoming season. You would find me there just immersing myself in its splendor, with a huge smile on my face! But I know even as I gaze upon the grandeur of such a tall and nurtured plant, that the dandelions at my feet are more like me. And if I could choose to be a flower, that is the flower I would be. But why?

Dandelions Are Resilient!

Dandelions are often thought of as weeds. People try to root them out, spray them with poisons, complain about them, and even scrunch up their faces whenever they see them. Yet, these weeds shoot up everywhere! Even in the most commercial and manicured of lawns, their bright yellow heads pop up to say, “Here I am!” much to the chagrin of many onlookers. Yes, the resilient dandelion consistently ignores the will of others and continues the work it was created to do - and does it wherever God wildly plants it. And it blesses the bees, hummingbirds, butterflies and children who gleefully seek it out, gathering the pollen or petals to nourish themselves or carry to home to share with others.

The dandelion is marvelous! Did you know this common plant is also among the most nutritious and useful of herbs? Everything from its flower heads, young leaves and even roots have a long history of culinary and medicinal use. I personally have fond memories of making dandelion wine from its yellow flower heads, and gathering the new young leaves for salads or sautéed in a little olive oil, rosemary and salt. So many uses! And later when this humble little plant transforms from flower to seed, the benefits continue to manifest, as any puff of wind from God or child sends tufts whirling skywards, carrying wishes and core information onward to propagate elsewhere, to grow into more flowers or to give nutrition to hungry critters.

The Challenges of Being Different

Yes. I would choose to be a dandelion. I identify with this fuzzy-headed plant. In my life I have had many challenges and difficulties. And the work that God has for me has led to scorn, ridicule and being dismissed from the “commercially manicured lawns.” I have been physically thrown out of churches where God has used my hands to heal people because it didn’t conform to their idea of what God does anymore. And in my own family, three out of my four children do not talk to me. Most of my grandchildren I have never been allowed to even meet, because I don’t conform to the teachings of their church. I am considered as a contagion, dismissed, and cast aside. Access to my grandchildren is like a hostage situation - and I have been informed that if I absolutely conform to their teachings and reject all past and ongoing personal movement of God in my life, I could have limited access. I would need to become part of the lawn, to be to be stepped on and trimmed back by others at will.

But, even if a wild dandelion gets poisoned, chopped, beheaded, and transplanted into a constantly mowed lawn, it is still a dandelion, and may die as a dandelion. But if its roots have dug in deep and strong, it will raise its head again to blossom and praise God in the wild uniqueness that God desired for it. Oh how I wish every lawn to be a field of yellow, unkept dandelions, blown about by the will of our wild God whose love and generosity can never be held captive!

I remember a confession during my first year of having the Holy Stigmata, when I asked the priest if I should cover the wounds when they were open, or leave them exposed so others could have an opportunity of faith. I was harshly told I was “crazy,” “need help” and promptly escorted outside. I was expressly told not to come back, and they left me outside - right under a huge statue of Jesus - who happened to have his stigmated hands lifted to God! So, I got the answer I needed! By God’s Will I have been given an opportunity to stand as a signpost for him, a mission to always point to his love, and never take to heart what anyone else says I should do with the gifts that he gives (and neither should you - we all have gifts!).

The Wildness of God

That is not how Divine Love operates. That is not the God I know: the One Love who met me at my near-death experience, the One Love who impales me with the marks of Jesus. My heart is sad about the separation that others have put in place, but my heart is not broken. Who am I to tell the wind where to carry me? Who am I to say to God, “I will only believe and do what is allowed by man?” No, I cannot. Instead, this is what I say - what every single cell within me cries out to do, “Here I am, send me!” (Isaiah 6:8) Is it easy? No. But I shall forgive like God has forgiven me, and not count the hurts. I will pray and remember the bigger picture. I will remember that Father continues to give opportunities to meet us wherever we are at. And my white and yellow fuzzy head will be at peace and extend my roots.

There are many hybrid roses, well-trimmed, that have international healing ministries. Would I like an opportunity like that? Oh yes! It would lead to so many more people being healed physically, spiritually and emotionally! So many more to praise God and come to faith as they witness the changes, knowing that God is real and loves them! To learn and gain confidence that each of us has a future, a purpose, a hope! But in the land of roses, dandelions are not welcome. Currently all the ministries I see are supported by the permissions allowed only through the strict parameters held by their particular churches. This limits who God is - it is like trying to capture and hold the wind as it blows by! Yes, you now have air in a jar, but the movement of God is not held by you. No human owns the sole rights to God or can tell him what he can or cannot do. It is mankind that makes fences - God prefers the open pastures. It is the true nature of miracles. God is a wild thing too! He cannot be caged, he will break out every time! Would you expect less than that of the One who created all things?

Wild Dandelions as Far as the Eyes Can See!

I know there are other wild dandelions like me. I have met them, and now consider many as good friends. We don’t conform. We are treated as invasive weeds to be hastily removed. Our missions are beyond conforming to the permissions allowed of humanity. In this space we find glimpses of God in all religions that love him, and his grace in every expression of creation that God has made. And how we rejoice in meeting other wild things! In other weeds we see ourselves and appreciate the faith and confidence to sprout wherever the wind takes us, and to dig our roots deeply into the soil. With this rooting of knowing God is real, even when we are attacked at ground level, we always come back up from our roots, blossom more flowers and continue on. Always!

Money is such a control in lives today, because it is impossible to function well in this society without it. So, while it can be used as a good tool for watering and making things grow, it can also be manipulated by being withheld or to actively manipulate. This is why husband and I are not financially supported by any church or organization. It seems when we need water, God knows and always brings the rain. This allows us to speak freely without restriction about everything God has shared through Holy Stigmata for ALL of His children, no matter where they are on their path. No matter their sex, religion, color, etc. God was here before religion, and Jesus’ sacrifice goes beyond Christianity. God loves all his children and offers a place on his lap for each of us. He is an awesome Dad, and a great hugger! And his miracles abound freely! He wants all of our hands to be His Hands, our voice His Voice, to ease the suffering of mankind, especially through this time of world shift.

Are You a Wild Dandelion Too?

I feel humbled and grateful to be one of his little weeds, to be one of his precious dandelions. And while I really appreciate the purple lilacs - who typically stand defiant and tall at the edge of the lawns - it just isn’t what I was created to be. As my spiritual journey continues, I pray you and I will meet and recognize each other as another of the wild things God has uncaged, who know him beyond the small planter box many have put him in. Now, as we courageously continue to hold fast and blossom wherever we are planted, remember that you are loved and that God chooses all kinds of wild flowers for his bouquet. In their wildness, they remind him of himself. May you each find your journey lifting high upon his every breath. God Bless You. END 2024 (C)Tiffany Snow

About the Author: "I'm Blessed Tiffany and I have information for you!" Tiffany Snow experienced the wounds of the Holy Stigmata 2005-2009 and three NDEs. Modern Christian Mystic, Miracle Healer, Spiritual Teacher. She shares answers from God that humanity is currently asking, to help each of us remember who we are, and who He is too. Blessed Tiffany and her husband Fr. Billy Clark are not financially supported by any church or organization. This allows them to speak freely without restriction about everything God has shared for ALL of His children, no matter where they are on their path. Free Distant Healing Prayer, Articles and Videos with unique information for our times. God Info. |


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