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The Holy Stigmata of Blessed Tiffany Snow - My Experience

“Do not grieve the giver of all good things by not fully receiving the gift.” The vision of Mother Mary stood above my bed with eyes of soulful compassion, having just walked through adorned kings from of all countries who had parted to make way for her. In this second experience of the Holy Stigmata, she presented herself as “Mother of All Nations.” She was very kind but very direct. She repeated a second time what she said. “Do not grieve the giver of all good things by not fully receiving the gift.”

I knew I would say yes - I wanted to! Of course I was fighting against it. It’s a hard thing to wrap your head around. Why was this happening to me again? What does it mean? I had been broken many times. I was not perfect. This only happens to perfect people, I thought. Why were my hands and feet blistering, opening and bleeding? Why was I fading in and out of consciousness, seeing and hearing the ancient Holy lands, the people there and Jesus? Why me? What am I supposed to do with this? Reaching beyond the fear, I answered Mary. “Yes. I will.”

The First Time

When I first started experiencing the Holy Stigmata in 2005, I didn’t know what to do. And I thought it only happened to Catholics, and only in ancient times. But since my near-death experience by lightning strike had occurred a few years previously, I had learned a few things. I knew for a fact that the Love of God and his son was real and beyond any one religion. For me, God was out of the box. At that time I received a mission - “heal my children, help them remember who they are, and who I Am.” I had never believed in healing, and now I did it fulltime for a living, seeing people receive healing at every stage of their belief, from a multitude of spiritual paths. And I got to be there in prayer, seeing God’s Love at work - and miracles. So many miracles! And God had continued his conversations with me. So much to write and share with others. It was enough for me!

Just from the NDE alone I was in awe and had already published books and articles. Every time God had presented an opportunity, I had said yes. Oftentimes I would do it white-knuckled, put it off, argue with him about it (yup!), but I would always, ultimately do it. And I was always better for it, and happier. Sometimes, in my battle with unworthiness and shyness it felt like being asked to jump off a cliff. But I would find myself irresistibly drawn to the edge. I love him. I can’t say no. And he would always catch me. Always! Because he loves me too. Just like he loves all of his children. We are all in this together. He has a hope and a plan for each of us. God is big on free will. So, when he asks, just say yes. I knew this. But even when you know things, it can still be hard to do.

The very first time I experienced the Holy Stigmata was a working day. I had clients and was driving my jeep to the little converted dental office I had rented for healing. I could see more people this way instead of driving around to the places I had rented a room from. On my way I really had to concentrate on driving - a very vivid dream I had had the night before - kept taking my attention. When I got there, I wasn’t feeling well. I told the two dear friends that helped manage my office that I was going to go lay down. This first time of experiencing the Holy Stigmata is still very clear - the dizziness, the awareness of going in and out of consciousness. From my couch I remember looking across at my bookshelf and watched it disappear into an expanding view of another time, like a video being played where the screen kept getting bigger. I was gone again.


I found myself in a group of people, seeing Jesus Christ on the ground, calmly looking at me, eye to eye. There were two angry men, one yanking a leather strap tight to wood and wrist, one driving strange looking nails through one of his hands into a post below. The other man was in charge of the legs - preventing any kicking or twisting to get away - but Jesus never did that. He wasn’t captured. He offered himself willingly. When the first man pulled over Jesus’s second arm, he yanked it so hard that he dislocated Jesus’ shoulder. And I felt it. Everything now done to Jesus I could feel as if it was done to me. Somehow I was superimposed over - I could see and hear and feel him, and me as him, at the same time. The second leather strap pulled wrist to wood, tightly knotted, nail hammered in. I could see the blood, hear the cry of Mary ring out higher than the rest, and see through the eyes of Jesus the small group and the larger crowd in the background, who were wailing and begging God and the men for mercy. The pain so strong. The emotion so high. I blacked out. When I came to I was in my little backroom again, and the front and backs of both of my hands were bleeding profusely. I was confused. My shoulder hurt. I was frightened. I started crying. I passed out again.

The vision continued where it had left off. Now the feet - more painful than the hands. “I’m here. Just allow it. Don’t fight.” I remembered that voice, first heard at my NDE. Christ was comforting me at his own crucifixion. “This is the Sharing. Will you Share?” I looked out from his eyes over the people below, and across to the city of Jerusalem, and somehow out from there to a world map of all the modern countries of the world, with the capital cities spelled out, all in different colors, like a map. I was speechless. Someone was knocking on my door. At first I could barely hear it, then it got louder and louder until I was “back.” I woke up. My feet hurt. I looked down. They were bleeding now too. Now I heard the voice of God say, “Show yourself to the Priest.” I knew who he meant.

I had no strength to get up. Everything hurt. There was a lot of blood, but it seemed to be slowing now, and turning darker. I whispered to my friend to cancel my appointments, and dial Fr. Francis. I told him, “Please come to the office, help me.” Next I remember him opening the door, the shock on his face, and hearing, “Oh my God. It’s Ok, it’s Ok.” Pictures were taken. He kept talking to me. I felt more clear, I could understand him and the bleeding had stopped. I slept a lot. They washed and wrapped the wounds. That’s all I remember of this first day, except also hearing a chant by an elderly man and his wife in the doorway - his eyes full of tears, the parents of a Jewish friend who had called them down to pray for me. I still don’t know how he found out, but it felt comforting to hear the prayers. This was my first time of receiving the Holy Stigmata. It would change through the years, of which wounds would open where. Of what part of Jesus’ life was in the vision. Of what new information would be given. No one receives the Holy Stigmata without a reason behind it. And come to find out, God had several behind this one.


Years later when Father Francis and I talked about this first time, he reminded me of more things, that I had asked him to explain what was happening to the staff and also to call my parents. And he also said that the pattern of the blood on one of my feet was exactly the picture of the kind of self-scourge whip they had used in seminary. When he saw it, he knew immediately that my Holy Stigmata was from God. He also told me about the plant I had given him for his birthday, which had died many weeks previously, and had come back to life on that very day. Not only did it have green leaves again, but had a beautiful pink blossom. Another validation to him of Who was in charge of the Holy Stigmata. God always supernaturally validates when the Stigmata is from him. For mine he also gives healing and resurrection miracles as often as he can, depending upon the opportunities that arise and what is best for those involved - growth of the person’s spirit is always first with him. As time has gone by, he has expanded my mission and added additional gifts to help ease the suffering of others, such as detailed information about the current world shift.

Why me? He chooses as he wishes. I don’t know why me. And even though it has been weighty, I am grateful. God gives each Stigmata-bearer a support system. Fr. Francis Marcolongo was a pillar in mine. He had spent much of his ministry as a Roman Catholic, but had later chosen to marry, and then became a priest in the Old Holy Catholic Church which allows for marriage, but is still part of the lineage of Apostolic succession. He was a very learned man. He could speak over 9 languages, and was extremely kind, as was his sweet wife Donna. His office was one of the places I could go and do healings for people, before I opened my own place (and later, the larger Divine Wellness Institute). He would continue through the years to be a great friend and mentor. This included re-baptizing me when I requested, officiating over my and Fr. Billy’s wedding, and being subjected to interviews through the years about my Holy Stigmata. He and his wife are sorely missed. I always smile when I think of them.

As the years went by (2005-2009), the Holy Stigmata would open for several days a month, every month. Most often it was the hands and the feet. It also manifested as whip marks on my back, a gash in my side, and thorn marks on my forehead and scalp. To this day I can’t walk right - it is like the bones moved a bit or something for the nails to go through, and never went back. Each time it began similarly - I could feel the calling begin, and usually have time to get somewhere safe before things started. It became easier after Fr. Billy and I married in 2006. He would drive me home, and make sure to restrain me or safely pin me on the bed so I wouldn’t thrash about or roll off during the times Christ was being whipped and tortured. Jesus took things calmly, but my body had other ideas, and wanted to run away or to fight back.


As in the first Holy Stigmata, my visions always started as third person, I would usually start seeing the people outside of Jerusalem, hearing the people and sounds of the livestock, dogs, bells, and bustle of ancient daily life and commerce. Then, I would see Jesus, and where he was and what happened in the days leading up to his crucifixion, and I was zoomed in on him, and the reactions and choices of those around him. During this time I would also see the invisible world near him, the brightness of his incredible spirit emanating past his skin, creating a glow of the brightest light all around him. I would see the Holy Angels in the sky floating above him and other humans. And I would also see the shadowy unholy Angels, the demons and the original ones that fell, among the people. They were always trying to manipulate them to act out and make trouble. Especially those whose free will had gone from being a shield to being as thin as gauze, and the demons even possessing them to have more control.

As the second level began, these times were overlaid upon my own spirit as well, I could feel part of what Jesus was experiencing as my own. In his perfect spirit, mind and body, his senses were extremely sensitive - he felt pain more than an imperfect human ever could, it was not just the body with him - but the emotional weight of the mission upon him, the spiritual implications of this journey. And he rarely even flinched! Unlike me! And to know he had the ability at any moment to stop it, and chose not to, is amazing. Also, with his cellular perfection he could have married and started another race of humans, perfect, on earth, that never died. But that would not have saved the rest of us, we would never be able to be pure enough to come before God, no matter how many lifetimes we tried to polish the facets of love. Humanity needed a savior. Jesus would be obedient even unto death, offering himself up willingly, but not without feeling the burden and the pain. Christ broke the curse upon humanity fulfilling the perfect law given to Moses - a life for a life. Now we are not regulated by the darkness previously upon us.


Holy Stigmata is true communion - except this time, God consumes us as the bread and wine - hence the overlay of the experience. Holy Stigmata bridges heaven and earth, God and man, the visible and the invisible. It reflects the gift that was given during the sacrifice of Jesus replacing sin and death with forgiveness and life. This sharing, besides redemption, is at its simplest form God’s way of saying, “I understand fully what the human condition is, I too have felt life at its bones and sinews.” In fact, before the perfect ransom sacrifice of Christ, God had never felt death before, it was not possible. With Christ, God was able to embrace mankind again, and to continue expanding the ocean of his compassion from the viewpoint of his creation who experienced death. This is also why, after the life, death, and life again of Christ that you see our Heavenly Father giving more time to people to “get it right” in their lives, even if it means more trauma, instead of quickly “rebooting” them like he had before in the “Old Testament.”

It’s a different mercy being offered, with the same final promise of no death at all and no unHoly Angels when his Kingdom reigns upon the earth again. Here are a few encouraging scriptures about it: “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” (Revelation 21:3,4 NIV) “‘Our Father in heaven, may your name be sanctified, may your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:9,10)


There are two kinds of Holy Stigmata, the visible and the invisible. The visible Holy Stigmata is a spontaneous manifestation of bloody wounds in one or more of the five places where Christ was crucified. Invisible Stigmata does not leave outward marks, but the visions, suffering and other supernatural phenomena is just as intense. We are as close to Christ as the wounds on his hands. He can’t put us down. He is part of us, and he has lifted us back to God, who was already waiting with his arms open, ready to receive and heal his injured children. Christ, whether people recognize it or not, Jesus opened the door back to God, no matter what path of their spiritual journey they are on. This is why the door is open to all, beyond religion. God wants all of his kids up on his lap. “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28) This is why Christ is beyond Christianity, and why God also told me during Holy Stigmata that “many of my children will be given the stigmata of my son, in all religions.”


One reason humans receive the Holy Stigmata is to be a signpost for God, a physical sign that God continues to love and interact with his children. Currently there are over 300 bearers of the Holy Stigmata in the world, in all different cultures and religions, because the redemption of mankind by Christ is beyond religion, just as God existed before religion. This number will continue to grow as another sign and wonder for humanity during this foretold world shift. Many of them are only known in their towns or villages. They are always placed with a support system around them, and all stigmata-bearers have additional supernatural gifts as well, to validate who the Giver of the gift is - to prove that their Stigmata is Holy and from God. Holy Stigmata is real, universal and always for a reason - usually more than one. And it is always about Love.

My experience was always graced by a high state of peace and tranquility in the midst of the physical suffering, because God wants us to feel joy and love above all. One of the reasons there is so much pain in a human experiencing even a fraction of what Jesus felt, is because our human flesh is imperfect, so there is a dying off of it, and a re-creation of it at the same time. So it’s like experiencing death and resurrection while still in the body. This re-creation is one of the main reasons I experienced the Holy Stigmata. One of the missions given to me was to write down specialty prayers that were already blessed by God, that could then be said by anyone, for this time of world shift. And so the 12 Books of the Acts of the Love of God, the Divine Decrees, were written for mankind, to ease the suffering for all, just by the free will choice of a person saying “Amen.”

The Room

As the years went by of my visible communion with Christ and the Father, the notebooks of what was seen and heard filled up. Fr. Billy wrote down everything from the visions and from the quiet time that always occurred right after the death of Jesus - a place that I could always ask questions, a pain-free place, about the things I had seen or heard. That quiet time was also the place where I could ask anything that I thought humanity wanted to know, and receive answers for them. It was like being in the peaceful eye of a hurricane. The Holy Stigmata always happened in sections. The calling or awareness that it was going to happen, the blistering and then the wounds opening and bleeding, the visions and overlay. The section of Jesus’ life I was to see, then part of his punishment and being lifted up on the cross, and me passing out again when he let go of his spirit and died. Then a quiet time without pain where I could ask questions, and a much needed nap. Then a waking period where I could get up, have something to eat, and until I felt the calling again, and then when evening it would start again. Except in 2009, I sort of “did it wrong.”

On that day, when Jesus left his body, I tried to follow him. I couldn’t bear to be parted from him again. But instead, I found myself in a small, bright empty room with two doors, one I came in from, the other to I didn’t know where. Eventually a Holy Angel joined me, shaking his head and warmly smiling. He had a message for me, I couldn’t follow Jesus, I had work to do here. Following him would negate many of the reasons why I had been given this information, because I had to share it and continue to be a sign-post for God. At this point, I have to say that made sense and all, but my heart was leading, not my mind. I told the Angel ok. He disappeared. Then I proceeded to try to break the door down…to follow him anyway.

Meanwhile, back on my bed Fr. Billy watched me die. Many times through the years I had stopped breathing for different periods of time. But this time was different. I kept seizing, then I became quiet and turned blue. I got cold to the touch. There was no perception of breath at all. He waited. He said he thought he had lost me for sure this time, and was trying to stay calm, and kept praying for me, reciting them forcefully out loud. What would he tell people? What would he tell my children? Six minutes went by, and eventually 11 minutes. I gasped for air and sat up. That would be my last visible Holy Stigmata.

After my misadventure, I was told by God that I would die if Holy Stigmata happened again. I was crushed, and immediately felt he didn’t love me anymore! I cried and cried; I was inconsolable. It was harder than my NDE, when I had wanted to stay and be with God, but then when he had said “If you love me…go back and do the work,” I did. But with this Holy Stigmata I said I would stay, but I had no ability to. I knew all the reasons, but had no resistance powerful enough, my free will was 100% to follow, I didn’t care what else that meant, there was nothing else but Jesus. It was God who chose to step in and put a barrier in place, like a thick piece of glass. I could still hear, sense and see them both. But I couldn’t touch.

Never Separate

I was told that there would never be real separation between us, that none of us are separate from the love of God. However, the time for this kind of communion was over for me. I would still go on to experience the invisible Holy Stigmata. And even after all these years, I can still see the white scars that remain from the visible, which make me smile, because I guess I still need proof of what happened to me. It can still be hard for a human head to accept the depth of it all. And, I know without a doubt, as the miracles and inspired information continue, that I am Loved. I just can’t be with him yet. And even though I want to run out into the street and shout “Jesus!!!” all the time, Jesus reminds me his focus is the Father, and mine should be too. I understand. How he loves his Dad! How I love them both! How they love us! We are Loved!

So, I want to take this time to also share some other interesting things that happened over the years: One of the original fallen angels showed up to try to disrupt me with fear - I stood up on the bed, pounded the air and shouted, “Get behind me Satan!” More visitations of beautiful Mother Mary and her insightful words of encouragement. Seeing Jesus as a child finding a dead bird, holding it cupped gently in both hands and blowing on it, then it flying away. Jesus seeing with compassion the young donkey he was to ride into Jerusalem and praying for it to not feel pain and to be strengthened, because it was so small in comparison to him. And the visions of Armageddon and how so many people would be working with God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Angels in making miracles of all kinds to help people and the earth survive. And seeing the resurrections after Armageddon of more people, and the entire earth becoming a well-tended garden like God had originally purposed, the joy evident on the face of every man, woman and child. Oh, there is more, so much more! So much written, yet so much more to write!


It makes me smile when others around the world who have the Holy Stigmata reach out to me. Together we marvel at such an amazing God who loves us so much and desires His children to interact with Him on such a tender level, and how each of us has been gifted different things. And the numbers are increasing every day! But please know this, none of us need the Holy Stigmata to be loved by God, or to activate the many gifts that He freely gives us, including all sorts of miracles! Just become closer to him, in faith beyond fear, and desire to receive and share his love. We all have gifts and talents, and the good that we are the most passionate about he wishes to bless as well, changing all things for good. And just like any relationship, the more you learn about him the closer you become, and the more you will fall in love! We were each created with a “God-Spot” within us that only he can fill. As we do, we find a steady, abundant and awesome joy within, no matter what is going on in the world outside of us. Nothing can compare, and words can’t describe it.

My story is very personal, and only a handful of people knew about it for the first couple of years. After allowing me to adjust to it, God showed it to more and more people, and I have written of the basic details of it before. But I have not, until this article, written in such depth about it. I hope sharing my story with you will help you say “Yes! Here I am, send me!” on whatever journey or mission he presents to you, no matter how impossible it may seem. May you have the peace and depth of internal joy that surpasses all thought by doing the work you are here to do, no matter what it is. Just because you may not have any visible scars upon you, doesn’t mean you are any less beloved. We are all in this together, all redeemed, and all given the same promises. May you always live a fully dedicated life, consistently reflecting his love to those without hope, and may you offer the pains of your heart as a tender wounding that only Christ can heal. May this scripture always apply to you: “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” (Galatians 2:20 NIV) END 2024 (C) Tiffany Snow

About the Author: "I'm Blessed Tiffany and I have information for you!" Tiffany Snow experienced the wounds of the Holy Stigmata 2005-2009 and three NDEs. Modern Christian Mystic, Miracle Healer, Spiritual Teacher. She shares answers from God that humanity is currently asking, to help each of us remember who we are, and who He is too. Blessed Tiffany and her husband Fr. Billy Clark are not financially supported by any church or organization. This allows them to speak freely without restriction about everything God has shared for ALL of His children, no matter where they are on their path. Free Distant Healing Prayer, Articles and Videos with unique information for our times. God Info. |


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